Customer Feedback 2009

“ Dear Johan, Thank you very much for this follow-up email, it gives me the opportunity to give you some feedback: The customer service I received from Getwine leaves me in awe! The day I registered on the website I picked my 6 bottles of Pinotage and thought I’ll carry on ‘shopping’ at home that night. That’s when you knocked my socks off! I received a phonecall from your offices – not even 5 hours after I registered – confirming my order of Pinotage and offering me dibbs on some wine that’s not on the website yet. That was just the best marketing ever! Needless to say that the rest went down like the Eikendal – very smooth. I was informed when the wine was packaged, dispatched and delivered (within the delivery time requested). Yes, I got my wine by Christmas 🙂 And it is very enjoyable, thank you very much! Wishing you loads and loads of success in 2010 and beyond. Kind regards..”

– Mona, Dec 2009

“ I have never dealt with a more efficient company than yourselves!.”

– Anne, Dec 2009

“ Not often I will make comments but this deserves mention…….Signed on as a member today…..ordered some great wine at v.good prices and got the delivery the same day!..and with a smile nogal!!……very impressed…I shall be raising a glass or two to you….Dominic.”

– Dominic, Nov 2009

“ I don’t want to embarrass myself by fawning gratuitously, but my last email expressed my pleasant surprise at the excellent service I received from Getwine, and this order was no exception. The delivery was executed speedily, and your staff are always friendly and courteous. It’s a real pleasure doing business with you..”

– Gavin, Nov 2009

“ Morning Thank you so much for the wine that was done and dispatched to me in such a sufficient manner! From the first enquiry to delivery of the labeled wine it was a pleasure dealing with you guys. Thank you so much for your trouble and wonderful service. I will recommend you guys as often as I can. Thanks again.”

– Jeanne, Nov 2009

“ Hi “Get Wine” Thank you – everything about you guys is great. This was my first order and I must say I was impressed with the “gift” and the confirmation at all times as to how the order was progressing. You deserve to be recommended. . Yours sincerely.”

– Phyllis, Oct 2009

“ Hi – just wanted to thank you for the superb service – I only ordered the wine at 10 and it was delivered this afternoon – wow! Great service excellence. Thanks.”

– Terri-Ann, Oct 2009

“ Hi Licinda, I have just received an sms from my cousin in PE to say her gift has arrived & how excited the whole office was – she had to chase them all back to their desks 😉 Anyway, she seems to be DELIGHTED & I do want to thank you & the Getwine team for outstanding service!!! My daughter, Linda, was not exaggerating when she sang your praises! We’ll definitely use this excellent service again 🙂 Have a STUNNING weekend! Kind regards,.”

– Des, Oct 2009

“ Good morning Johan, many thanks for your order confirmation. Your wines are great but I am really impressed with the extremely efficient service from your entire team. Please keep me updated on your latest wine sales as I have lots of friends, both local and International who would like to place orders. Best regards.”

– Gerald, Oct 2009

“ Dear Licinda I just wanted to say thank you for the great service you provide, I was so impressed that you called me almost as soon as I signed up, and I have been kept up to date about the where abouts of my order every step of the way. I received my wine on Monday and we had our first taste last night it was delicious. I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service, I will recommend you to all my friends. Kind regards.”

– Jenna, Sep 2009

“ Hi Licinda and the Getwine Team, Just want to thank you for an incredibly efficient and enjoyable service – it has been a pleasure and I will most certainly recommend and make use of your services in future. Kind regards,.”

– Linda, Sep 2009

“ Hi Licinda People are so quick to complain nowadays, but I wanted to just send you a compliment! This is the first time I have bought from Getwine, and I am seriously impressed with the experience. The order arrived this morning already which was fantastic (I ordered yesterday!), and to top it all, a stunning Lindt chocolate was included. Your help on the telephone yesterday, to your prompt order confirmation and delivery deserves a special thanks, so “Thank You”. I will no doubt forward the Getwine newsletter to all my mates and get as many to purchase from you as possible, and rest assured, you will have my continued support! Kind regards.”

– Craig, Sep 2009

“ I would just like to commend all on the wonderful service today. I don’t think I have ever had something delivered so fast. I will be certainly be recommending you to my friends. Thanks.”

– Gaye, Aug 2009

“ Hi julle Ek wil net graag noem dat julle die maatskappy met die beste diens in Suid Afrika is ! Ek kan nie glo wat ek van gister af beleef het nie. Dit is absoluut wonderlik. Ek beveel julle by al my vriende aan. Baie, baie dankie vir iets wat so skaars is in ons land. Ek hoop julle word dienooreenkomstig vergoed ! Ons waardeer dit regtig vreeslik baie. Groete / Regards.”

– Hannelie, Aug 2009

“ Dear Getwine people (and Licinda) My colleague (Zedre) and I both ordered wine today thanks solely to your promotional email, which is nice for you to know because coming from a company that relies on mailshots, I know how important it is to value their worth (and how difficult). So there you go. Also I usually get to use my email skills for complaining so thanks for giving me a chance to write something nice, fluffy and uplifting. First of all, I know you guys are down the road from us but same day delivery? Unheard of. Brilliant. Second the complimentary chocolate is wonderful, especially after the day I’ve had. My only concern is that my colleague and I may have to resort to some pretty dire tactics in order to get the bigger share, because as you people really should know, women dont like to share in the good stuff. Ok I’m done being nice for the day. Best regards,.”

– Lesley, Aug 2009

“ just a note of thanks for the wine delivery yesterday. You and your team provide a great service and I was most impressed with the delivery. Please keep me updated with your regular newsletter / wine offers. If you ever have a wine tasting event I would very much like to join you and meet you personally. Best regards.”

– Gerald, Jul 2009

“ Hi Johan, I have already received my order and in record time. I have ordered from a couple of online wine merchants and the service and speed received from Get Wine is absolutely amazing. I have already recommended your website to all of my wine loving friends and look forward to doing business with you again in future. Thank you again for the 5-Star service, Regards,.”

– Gareth, Jul 2009

“ Dear Johan I would like to compliment you and your team for the fantastic service we have received from you i.e. receiving the wine before the expected date and for being kept up to date with the progress. Be assures that we will be using you again and that I have sang praise to friends and colleges about your service. You are making it easier than physically going to a store to buy wine. Keep up the great work. Regards.”

– Conrad, Jul 2009

“ Hi, I would like to thank Johan and everyone at Getwine for the beautiful personalised unlabelled sparkling wine I had for my wedding day and for adding to the magic of the day! Keep up the good work! Regards,.”

– Lesle, Jun 2009

“ Dear GetWine Thank you for your prompt and super service. I ordered my wine last night and received my order this morning. And your driver is so pleasant, engaging and customer oriented. There must be great leadership going on in the company, otherwise things would not move as smoothly as they do. Thank you for your superb service. Best regards.”

– John, Jun 2009

“ Licinda Dankie, en dit is ‘n GROOT DANKIE, aan beide van julle en julle onderskeie maatskappye. Julle diens en bereidwilligheid om te help is “awesome”! Ek het hierdie dienswaarde baie lanklaas gesmaak. Kyk asb in die spieel en klop julle-self op die skouer en neem dan hierdie saga en wys dit asb vir julle maatskappy-hoofde. Nommer 1 om hulle besigheids-integriteit te skouerklop en tweedens om julle eie en besigheidswaarde aan hulle te openbaar. Baie dankie weereeens..”

– Pierre, Jun 2009

“ Hi there Licinda Thank you so much for the great way that you have helped me get this gift on time, even though I held you guys up . The entire Getwine team have been tremendous and I will definitely be using this service again. I will give you more time though. Have a good weekend..”

– Noleen, May 2009

“ Dear Johan and team Thank you for the follow up. I am indeed very impressed with GETWINE ! The GETWINE website is informative and user friendly and the placing of my 1st order was quick and simple. The wine was delivered within 3 working days, which also impressed me. As for the wine….excellent value! Overall, great service !! Thank you!!!.”

– Maud, May 2009

“ Baie dankie! Ek is seker dit was ‘n rekordtyd vanaf bestelling tot aflewering!.”

– Ilsebe, May 2009

“ I think you Guys and Gals are amazing. Seldom have I experienced such fantastic service!!!! I got a follow up call within minutes of sending an e-mail request, the transaction was efficiently processed over the phone in seconds and you had all my details to hand despite the fact that I have not placed an order for some time. To top it all the Wine was delivered an hour later! WOW! I’m in awe; our Government could learn a thing or two from you about service delivery. MANY THANKS!! Regards,.”

– Reinhard, May 2009

“ Licinda, The wine that I ordered the day before yesterday has just been delivered to my home in Standerton. No damages were recorded and let it be known that I am extremely pleased with the service I received from you, not mentioning the speed at which it was performed. Allow me to thank each and every person and link in your operation for their total dedication to the execution of your efforts to supply a service to your customers. It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you and here’s hoping that the wine will leave as sweet a taste in my mouth as the service has been. If it does, I will most definitely enjoy this consignment even more! Please be assured that I will remain a dedicated customer of yours and recommend you most certainly to all other current and future wine lovers I come in contact with. Warm regards,.”

– Johan, May 2009

“ Hi there, Just want to say thank you so much for the great service and speedy delivery of my wines! It is an absolute pleasure dealing with a company such as yours! Am looking forward to opening some of the bottles. Kind Regards.”

– Sylvia, May 2009

“ Dear Johan Yes we have received the wine. We only opened one red and one white wine box but everything seems to be in order. We have shown it this morning to some of the other parties involved and they all seemed to be happy. Thank you for the service and we will certainly consider doing business with you again in future. Regards.”

– Tina, May 2009

“ Great service! I only ordered an hour ago!.”

– Mark, Apr 2009

“ Many thanks for the delivery – they look amazing! I can’t wait to hand them out. You and your team have created a fantastic gift idea!.”

– Hayley, Apr 2009

“ Hi Johan, Quite the contrary, the service was superb and world class. I have recommended your site already. Many thanks..”

– Terri, Mar 2009

“ Just a short note from me – thank you for my wine delivery as well as the chocolate and pen (what a lovely surprise) I have recommended “get wine” to all my friends Kind wishes.”

– Annette, Mar 2009

“ Thanks for follow up – we received both cases almost the next day and have already tried both – they are both really great and excellant value at the price – have recommended them to new member! regards.”

– Glynis, Mar 2009

“ Many thanks for your prompt delivery. You guys are exceptionally professional! Regards,.”

– Duncan, Mar 2009

“ Hi there! Thanks for the EXCELLENT service I received. I was so impressed and have been sending your link to everyone I know. Unfortunately, the wine was so delicious, I only have two bottles left! All our friends wanted to taste. Kind regards.”

– Nicolette, Mar 2009

“ Thank you for the follow up, We have received our wine and are very happy with it. The service we have received from yourselves had been fantastic. Thank you very much.”

– Jennifer, Mar 2009

“ Dear all: Thank you so much for all the organizing and taking accountability to get our Get wine order to Bloemfontein in time for us to pick it up. You saved us time and money… This is really appreciated and our friend 30th birthday is going to be excellent. My wife is amazed by all the effort and professionalism from all. Once again thank you to all and thank you for taking such pride in service delivery. Greetings.”

– Johan, Feb 2009

“ Thank you so much for the excellent service. I have no doubt my client will be delighted with the Labels as they look stunning to me. What a wonderful surprise to find the Lindt Chocolate in the box, this is indeed a treat for me. Thank you again and I hope to give you more orders in the near future..”

– Liz, Feb 2009

“ Thank you. I received the wine on Friday and was very impressed with how quick the time was between when I paid and when I received the wine. Thank you very much for the Lindt chocolate as well; it was greatly appreciated. And I have already tasted the wine and absolutely loved it. Thank you to Getwine for prompt, efficient sevice. I will definitely be ordering again in the future. Kind Regards,.”

– Beth, Feb 2009

“ Hi I have no problems with the order. In fact am VERY HAPPY with your service!! The wines were delivered within 2 days of the order being finalised! I will definitely make use of Getwine again! Thanks!!!.”

– David, Feb 2009

“ Thank you so much – my wine was delivered today and I’m so excited about it! I want to give some to my husband for our anniversary on Thursday and some to his brother for his birthday on Friday, but don’t know how I’m going to keep quiet about it until then! The labels look great and now I can’t wait to design and order my next lot of wine! Thanks for a fantastic product – lots of my friends are interested and wait till they see and taste the wine! I keep thanking my friend Sandy de Beer who introduced me to Getwine! Kind regards.”

– Joanne, Feb 2009

“ I would just like to Thank the GetWine Team once again for your excellent Service!! Its the BEST Client service I’ve ever come across. Keep the wine coming and I will stay one of your no1 clients! Cheers.”

– Nina, Feb 2009

“ Hi Thank you very much, I have received my wine last week already. I am very impressed with the quick delivery – Great customer service! Will definately order in future as well! Best regards.”

– Isabel, Feb 2009

“ Dear Getwine Team My order arrived in perfect condition – thank you. I am really enjoying the wine as well – many thanks for providing such great wines. It is particularly useful being able to read up about the wines on your website, and I also enjoy the option of purchasing the mixed cases. Keep up the good work!.”

– Julie, Feb 2009

“ Hi Licinda, I was thrilled when my wine was delivered this morning! Thank you for the great and quick service, I will recommend you to anyone. Have a lovely day..”

– Bianca, Jan 2009

“ To whom it may concern. I just wanted to compliment your company on the fast, efficient and professional service. It is a pleasure ordering through your company. Kind regards.”

– Margo, Jan 2009

“ No problems at all: I was quite impressed (again) by your efficiency, proactive communication and speed of processing and delivery – well done indeed! Regards,.”

– Schalk, Jan 2009

“ I just wanted to thank you for the incredibly fast delivery! I received my wine already. Thank you,.”

– Michelle, Jan 2009

“ Hi Just to say thank you, I am a new customer and this was my first order which was really just to see how it all works. We are very impressed and will be ordering again within the next few days. Great job well done..”

– Dave, Jan 2009

“ Hi Johan, Thank you very much for your swift and efficient service. This is my second order from you and I am yet to have anything to complain about. Keep up the great service..”

– Russell, Jan 2009

“ Hi, I received my order – thanks very much. Your service levels are great. I’ll be ordering from you again! Regards,.”

– James, Jan 2009

“ Hi Johan You are a man of your word: Great wine backed up by excellent service from Getwine. You will see a lot of us! Many thanks and best regards.”

– Craig, Jan 2009

“ Thank you so much. The package arrived this morning! I really appreciate Get Wine’s help in ensuring I got them before Tuesday I’m very very impressed! Best,.”

– Aguil, Jan 2009

“ Received wine on time Your service are great Thanks i will order again Happy New Year.”

– Cobus, Jan 2009