Customer Feedback 2012

“ Once again your service is legendary. Tyrone arrived this morning and delivered my wine order with his friendly and engaging style. Great wine at excellent value. Thank you! Have a great festive season..”

– John, Dec 2012

“ You guys are always excellent when it comes to service!!!.”

– Bishan, Dec 2012

“ To the GETWINE team I’d like to thank you so very much, my package was delivered this morning. You guys rock! I thought delivery would take place Friday, I thank you, I thank you and I thank you. I love the service, will most definitely be calling on you again within the near future and yes of course refer you to all my mates. Happy Holidays.”

– Avarna, Dec 2012

“ Thanks to all at Getwine for your excellent offering and brilliant service. I wish you all a superb festive season. And thanks for my two Getwine glasses that arrived today with my order….”

– Steve, Dec 2012

“ Good morning Getwine team, Brilliant service yet again. Thank you for the prompt delivery. The Bilton Sir Percy is excellent..”

– Hennie, Dec 2012

“ Thank you for your excellent service. We are extremely happy with the wine and the support we received from Getwine and will definitely use you again in future. Thank you to everyone involved.”

– Elrika, Dec 2012

“ Delivery was surprisingly prompt – I actually expected a few days to go by for you to source our selection from your suppliers – and the Lindt chocolate included in the delivery was a nice little touch. I have absolutely no complaints regarding your service and am very pleased with what we received. As such, we will probably be making use of you again in a few months when the current collection has been exhausted.”

– Eon, Dec 2012

“ I am happy to say that I have received some of the best customer service in YEARS from GETWINE. Not only was I kept informed of things via e-mail, but the delivery was the delivery handled quickly and professionally and the wine itself is really good! Your service and quality definitely stand out and I will not hesitate to order from you again!.”

– Delia, Nov 2012

“ 1. Service was great 2. Prices were reasonable 3. Delivery was early 4. Wine was delicious.”

– Stephen, Nov 2012

“ I absolutely love your business and your customer service is AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for great wine, great prices and awesome service..”

– Johann, Nov 2012

“ HUGE MASSIVE thanks for my wine which I received today! This is the second lot of wine I have ordered through you and am looking forward to future boxes! Thank you, thank you, thank you – such a great product, such an amazing customer experience!.”

– Fran, Nov 2012

“ Thank you for the most wonderful service. The personalised wine bottles arrived in time for our party – even though we had left it so late – and they were fantastic! Thanks so much!.”

– Jeanne, Nov 2012

“ Thanks a lot I received my wines yesterday! What an effective quick delivery! I will definitely order even more in future with this kind of service! I will be telling my friends about Getwine..”

– Tsepo, Nov 2012

“ As has been the case for the last nearly two years: painless procedures, easy online ordering and got my wine within 5 days! Brilliant!.”

– Adrian, Nov 2012

“ Delivery received this morning – I must compliment you – the speed with which you processed & delivered my order is most impressive! Thank You..”

– Geoff, Nov 2012

“ Thank you once again for the excellent service received. Your customer service is really outstanding. I will definitely be a customer for life..”

– Desiré, Nov 2012

“ Wow, yet again fantastic service. Paid 11am, wine in fridge 2.30!! Now that is amazing. Well done, AGAIN Getwine. Nice to do business with you..”

– Gina, Nov 2012

“ I was super impressed with the service, thank you!! The delivery fee was relatively cheap based on where I was sending the wine, the ordering and checkout process went smoothly and best of all the wine was delivered far quicker than what I was told. A great experience all round..”

– Doug, Nov 2012

“ I would like to thank you for the brilliant and professional service that GetWine has provided me. The wine was received timely and thank you for the extra chocolate and pen also received. I look forward to buying many more wines from GetWine!.”

– Morne, Oct 2012

“ This afternoon I ordered wine at 3.40pm – its now 4:32pm and the wine was delivered 10 minutes ago, ordered and delivered within the hour – now that is wonderful service! Thank you Getwine.”

– Gail, Oct 2012

“ You guys are providing good wines at a good price and deliver great customer service. Very happy with the service I get..”

– Ken, Oct 2012

“ Dear Johan and Team, Just a word of thanks for the continuous quality service you are providing. Orders always dealt with speedily and professionally. The Lindt chocolate also keeps my wife happy so the next order won’t raise any eyebrows:) Have a great day!.”

– Jan-Carel, Oct 2012

“ I have used Getwine for the 2nd time now and I am totally sold on your incredible selection and service . I don’t know how you manage to get it so right in our environment where bad service is the norm but I hope that you continue to do it for many years and that your business flourishes..”

– David, Oct 2012

“ Hi Just want to give you a compliment, I ordered 24 bottles this morning, and it was delivered about 6 hours later. That is fantastic service, and the quality is great. Your website works fantastic as well, and I cant see myself using another provider in the near future. Well done!.”

– Braam, Oct 2012

“ Service was absolutely brilliant! Fast, efficient…thanks! Nice to see good service still exists in South Africa I will definitely refer clients to you guys.”

– Wayne, Sep 2012

“ I just wanted to extend my appreciation for the excellent service I received. This was my 1st ever order through Getwine and I am highly impressed with the turnaround time since placing the order, receiving the goods and the complimentary gift. Something I didn’t expect at all. Well done. You will be receiving many more orders from me in the future..”

– Hansie, Sep 2012

“ I have absolutely no complains, only praise for the quick delivery. Not only was it delivered in the stipulated time, but within four days of my order and i stay in Durban!! Keep up the good work!.”

– De, Sep 2012

“ I am SO impressed with the service I’ve received. I placed my order at 10:30am and received my wine at 1pm the same day. And, the delivery man volunteered to carry the boxes of wine to my car! Fabulous!.”

– Lisa, Sep 2012

“ Thank you so much for the excelent service and turn around time I am very impressed with your service and will most defnitely buy from you again in future..”

– Natalie, Sep 2012

“ After placing an order at 19:30 last evening, my order arrived with Tyrone at 10:00 this morning. You never cease to impress me with your superb level of service – at every stage of the purchasing process. Thank you for working so well as a team..”

– John, Aug 2012

“ I have received my order in good time – as always – you guys deliver a great service. I have already opened one of your Get Wine Charles Hopkins Sauv Blanc – DELISH!!! It is just so fruity and light and easy to drink. I have spread the word of your website to my family and friends telling of your great specials that you have on both labelled and unlabelled wines and of course the great service..”

– Jenna, Aug 2012

“ Thank you for you quick response to my order being picked up by Rusty. We are very impressed with your professional approach to your business, well done on your marketing and service, will definately be doing loads more business with you. Thanks so much,.”

– Lynne, Aug 2012

“ Thank you, I received the order in excellent time. I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Mirrie and Joe for their outstanding service. Their prompt replies to emails and going the extra mile for me was truly a forefront of the incredible service offered by your company. You can be sure that I will be using in the future and will be recommending your services to friends, family and colleagues.”

– Garrick, Aug 2012

“ I received my wine in no time at all! The website was a breeze to navigate, the wines are well priced and I am stoked with the experience as a whole. Well done!.”

– Tom, Aug 2012

“ Thanks so much for this email, just shows you there still are companies out there that do care. We were 100% happy with the service given to us and the little gift popped into the wine box such a nice touch. Once again thanks so much..”

– Sandy, Aug 2012

“ To be honest, I am gob-smacked! The site; delivery efficiency and the whole process in general was so professional that I have recommended you to our small local wine club. Well done!.”

– Alan, Aug 2012

“ I would like to use this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent service received from your company. I placed an order last week which was delivered today (well in advance). This has been my most pleasent online shopping experience ever as I was continiously updated on the order’s progress. Special thanks to Mirrie and Joe for ensuring everything is perfect considering the complexity of the order. I will definitely be recommending your company to others..”

– Lize, Aug 2012

“ I would just like to say WOW! What amazing delivery speed. Ordered this morning and delivered early afternoon. Very impressive indeed!.”

– Bryan, Aug 2012

“ I would like to compliment the Getwine Team for 200% EXCELLENT service. I really don’t know when last I’ve seen service like this. My order was delivered to my house in approximately 26 hours. I was very impressed. But what impressed me most was the personal touch / “signature” that was in the box. That Lindt slab will get me brownie points like you don’t know. Especially the fact that I bought the the wine without consulting my wife first. Honestly Honestly…. A job well done. You WILL be recommended by me..”

– Francois, Aug 2012

“ Thank you Johan, I’m thrilled with your nifty service. A big thank you for the surprise gift included!.”

– Felicity, Aug 2012

“ I must say, they were really very efficient. Had the invoice within minutes of placing my order. They fixed the billing address (they assumed it would be the same as the delivery address) when I mailed them also within an hour or so. And then delivered within 24hours…. Why can’t there be more companies like this…..”

– Deon, Aug 2012

“ Truly outstanding customer service. I am always very wary of buying things online due to the norm of bad customer service. It is so nice to experience such a high level of customer service, something that is so very rare these days. Thank you so much..”

– Desire, Aug 2012

“ Dear Getwine Team, Thank you so much for your great service, prompt delivery and the chocolate 😉 I was really impressed and will recommend you to my friends. Kind regards.”

– Gabriele, Aug 2012

“ Your service was excellent and I’ll definitely make use of you again!.”

– chantelle, Aug 2012

“ I’d like to compliment you and your team for the most professional and speedy service I have come across in a long time. I placed an order at 8am this morning and received the delivery at Pearl Valley Golf Estate before 12h00 (and there are road works with a stop/go on the R301)..”

– Miranda, Aug 2012

“ Via SMS: How about this? The wine was delivered this afternoon! 24 hour after I ordered it. Almost as quick as going to the bottle store and I am in Bloemfontein! Top marks (gold medal) to you!.”

– David, Aug 2012

“ How do you guys do it? I ordered my wine at 11h30 on Wednesday, and it was delivered (to Centurion) by 13h00 on Friday already! Now that is seriously unbelievable service, and very much appreciated. And not only is your dispatch and delivery outstanding, but your website makes it so easy to select and order your fantastic wines. It is ease of use and service like this that will make me a very regular customer. Thank you, Getwine team!.”

– Peter, Aug 2012

“ Just a small note to show my satisfaction. Not only was the wine delivered in the specified time, but right to my front door. I have tasted both the red wines and is very impressed, even more so with the Vrede & Lust Classic 2006. That is truly value for money. Keep up the great job and the specials..”

– Taffy, Jul 2012

“ I know it’s not always nice to only hear the criticism so I thought I’d just thank you for your very impressive service. Your website is easy to use and you have a very nice selection of wines. We received our order within the expected time-frame and everything was correct. You’ll be receiving another order from me very soon!.”

– Cathy, Jul 2012

“ I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate your team on an excellent service. The wine arrived within 48 hours and that is superb service..”

– Natalie, Jul 2012

“ I’M SO IMPRESSED! 1 hour 30 mins after I paid I got my wine! Cheers!.”

– Jennifer, Jul 2012

“ Dear Getwine team I am very impressed with your excellent service. Our wine arrived today. Thank you for this. We hope to make use of Getwine in the future.”

– Petro, Jul 2012

“ Thanks for the email, as usual everything to do with placing the order and getting delivery was perfect. A special word of thanks to Bev who makes it so easy to place an order, customer service is just excellent and therefore I recommend GetWine to all my friends.”

– C, Jul 2012

“ Great service as usual – and a big thanks to Louis for expediting the delivery of my order!.”

– Garron, Jul 2012

“ I received only the best service, thank you! Even my specific request to merge two orders was done seamlessly..”

– Peter, Jul 2012

“ Dear John & the GETWINE team Thank you so much for the incredibly efficient service. This was the first time I made use of GETWINE and it certainly won’t be the last..”

– Jeanette, Jul 2012

“ I ordered my wine at 14:43 on Wednesday 4 July via email hoping to get delivery by Friday. My order arrived at 16:20 on the same afternoon. I don’t know how you do it but your service is phenomenal. You never cease to amaze me. And Bev is always so gracious. I tasted both the Spier Cab and Spier Shiraz @ R 29 a bottle and they are wonderful – both taste like a R 80 bottle at least. Thank you GETWINE for your superb service and exceptional value for money wines..”

– John, Jul 2012

“ Just to let you know that once again I was impressed with your excellent service. The wines arrived two days after I placed my order! You get full marks for the whole process: a) Not too many marketing emails; b) Wide variety of wines to choose from; c) Ease of ordering via internet; c) Quick response; d) Fast delivery; e) Excellent wines. Keep up the good work..”

– Danie, Jul 2012

“ I was expecting my order only maybe on Monday, maybe even Tuesday. Your over-night delivery caused the wine to be delivered before the weekend. Do you have ANY ideas what repercussions that will have?! 🙂 You just don’t give a liver a break hey… The liver is evil, therefore it must be punished! Thanks very much: excellent wine, excellent prices, excellent service!.”

– Rene, Jun 2012

“ “Ordered my wines from Getwine 13:18 today and just received my SMS notification that it’s been dispatched 16:29. Wow!!! Now that is impressive!!! Thank u! “.”

– Sherry, Jun 2012

“ Dear Getwine Team Once again I am blown away with your service and attention! Thank you so much for ensuring that my wine was delivered, in less than one week of ordering – with personal labels!!! Now I know my son’s first birthday will be a success. I have relied on the Getwine time for personalised wine labels for all my special functions and my friends have come to expect receiving great tasting special wines. And thanks for the pen!!! Thanks once again to you all..”

– Vanessa, Jun 2012

“ I must first commend Susan de Swart for her help and super-efficiency whenever I place an order with GetWine! Also, over the last few orders GetWine has, through Susan, always sent recommendations that have been spot on! It’s really nice to have someone who might have a better inside track on what’s good out there without having to head out to the wine farms yourself! Huge fan of the site and the service! Thanks very much,.”

– Adrian, Jun 2012

“ I would like to thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart for the amazing job you did in the labelling and delivery of the wine for my husband’s 40th birthday party. I will be so proud to hand it to our guests as they leave the party next weekend. I will most certainly be using your services in the future. Thank you! Your service is friendly, punctual and professional..”

– Nicole, Jun 2012

“ Hi there GETWINERS……. Just to say, thanks for the speedy delivery, and great tasting wines at very affordable prices. We do feel like upmarket wine drinkers and to be able to enjoy such luxury at such our own convenience place like home and for entertainment. Thanks to you all for making this possible for us in the Southern Cape area!!!!.”

– Elsabe, Jun 2012

“ I just want to say a special thank you for the wines I ordered, the personalised Labels were awesom and the time that you guys got it done was super great!.”

– Pieter, Jun 2012

“ Thank you very much for the excellent service I received from the team at GetWine. My order was processed much faster than I had anticipated and your team was very prompt in responding to my query regarding delivery..”

– Lungi, Jun 2012

“ Thanks a mil for the great service. I am definitely going to change the bulk of my orders to Getwine.”

– Nico-Louis, Jun 2012

“ Wou net se hoe impress ek is met getwine diens. Gisteroggend 8 uur bestel en teen 2 uur afgelewer in Brackenfell. Well done!.”

– Joe, May 2012

“ GETWINE team, I would like to commend you for the exceptional and professional service I received from all of you!! I have receiveid my order in record time, taking in account the current service rate in South Africa. It was a pleasant experience doing business with you!.”

– Marli, May 2012

“ Order delivered perfectly, except the one bottle of Strandvelt that was out of stock, and I was credited for that. I was called and informed that there was a shortage and the refund was done promptly. Very impressed with the service and levels of professionalism..”

– Tim, May 2012

“ WOW!!! The service was spectacular, your staff was outta this world, quick efficient and friendly.. The gift was most unexpected and truly made the experience “sweeter” Thank you for making my special day more special…”

– Charmaine, May 2012

“ All received – safe and sound! Absolutely fantastic service throughout. All the way from the ordering with Beverley, then being kept regularly informed as to the status of my order….. And then finally – being advised that I would receive delivery on 24/4. I didn’t – the order arrived a day earlier! All in all – absolutely excellent! Wish one could obtain similar service levels elsewhere in SA! You clearly run a very ‘tight ship’! Well done! Regards, Alan.”

– Alan, May 2012

“ Thank you very much for such excellent service and prompt delivery. We love the extra personal touch of the chocolate gift – an awesome idea, well done. We are also enjoying the wine that we bought. Cheers guys, thanks so much, we’ll be ordering again soon and passing you on to our friends. Natasha and Kyall..”

– Natasha, May 2012

“ I am very happy with the both the product and the delivery, this was my first time buying from you and am extremely happy, i have put you on to a few of my friends and am sure they will be buying soon as well, please let me know if there are any specials in the future..”

– Storm, May 2012

“ Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient service once again. The personalised label looks beautiful and the recipients were most appreciative..”

– Dotti, Apr 2012

“ Once again, thanks for awesome service and fantastic wine! The wedding went off without incident and the bridal couple were well impresssed with the labels! Keep up the good work!.”

– Glen, Apr 2012

“ The wine arrived safely today – so we will have one happy couple at the wedding on 5 May 2012. Excellent customer service – well done to the Get Wine team..”

– Derek, Apr 2012

“ I received my wine last Thursday. Labels look great and wine is delicious. Thank you for your wonderful service. Your efficiency is remarkable. Thanks again, I will definitely recommend you to friends and family. Best wishes,.”

– Shivona, Apr 2012

“ To the Getwine Team, As a first time buyer, I truly expect delivery of my order next week. What a big surprise I got, when your driver contacted me this morning to deliver! In fact, had I or my husband been home last night, we would have received our wine the same day as I placed my order! I am very very impressed with the service I received and want to say a big thank you to your team for such efficiency!! I will most certainly be ordering wine from you in the future!.”

– Laverne, Apr 2012

“ Hi Getwine Team! If you keep up the level of service and product reliability I have experienced to date with your company, you´re going to win the best company of the country award. So far, we are very impressed with your product choices and, especially, your seamless efficiency. Thank you!.”

– Michou, Apr 2012

“ As always, thank you for your excellent and speedy service. My wine was ordered yesterday and delivered today – impressive and painless. Cheers and best regards.”

– John, Apr 2012

“ Best and quickest service ever. Ordered on Friday morning and at my desk on Friday lunch. Fastest Internet purchase I have ever mad – well done Thx for an excellent site..”

– Rob, Mar 2012

“ Brilliant service as per normal from Getwine – the order was delivered on thursday last week and I had only placed it on tuesday! Thank you!.”

– Andrea, Mar 2012

“ My wine order was received last week Thursday. All is in order thank you. Many thanks for the excellent service. I will definitely be ordering from GetWine again. Many thanks and kind regards.”

– Laurice, Mar 2012

“ Excellent service from beginning to end. I tried another company first (googled unlabelled wines) but they were not sure the couriers would get the order to PMB within 5 working days. The girl I spoke to you at your company assured me that if I put URGENT all over my order I would get it in time. Some one always answered my e-mails asking as I tracked my small but special order! The courier company even e-mailed me and I got the order a day earlier than anticipated. Excellent service, many thanks!.”

– Linda, Mar 2012

“ I actually phoned your office on Friday to say how absolutely delighted I was with your service! I will most certainly be making use of your services again. Outstanding!!.”

– Beverley, Feb 2012

“ Ordered on Monday, Paid on Tuesday, Delivered in Bloemfontein on Thursday. Great service!!!.”

– De, Feb 2012

“ Hi there, I just want to say thank you VERY much, I am so VERY impressed with your service delivery. Working in Marketing and client service myself, I know how very rarely one gets surprised and impressed by service delivery these days, and I must just say you’ve bowled me over! I will tell every single wine-drinking soul about your service, and would just like to thank you very much for the refreshing experience. I placed an order yesterday afternoon, I got an update and delivery notification at lunchtime the very next day, and true as Bob there it was! Thanks you for the special touches of the welcoming chocolate, pen and magnet! Keep it up guys, and thanks again..”

– Karmen, Feb 2012

“ I want to actually thank you for the most amazing service I got from Get Wine. My wine was ordered on a Sunday evening and by the Thursday it had arrived in Dbn. Next order already placed.”

– Solett, Feb 2012

“ Your delivery and service were really great. The wine is excellent and we will ordering again (much more) shortly.”

– John, Feb 2012

“ Many thanks for the quick delivery. I was quite surprised that it was delivery on the same day as the order was placed..”

– Clive, Jan 2012

“ As usual, Getwine went beyond the call of duty and my order arrived in 2 days and just in time for Christmas. Certainly not expected. Keep up the great work and compliments of the season to you all. Kind regards,.”

– Joyce, Jan 2012