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Mount Abora Saffraan Cinsaut 2016

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Mount Abora was created with the desire to make a complex Cinsault that could rival the elegant Pinot noir wines of cooler climate regions. Our vision with Saffraan is to put  forward a lively and luminous wine with a strong mineral core, held together by a combination of integrated grape tannins and natural acidity. We deliberately set out to deny the Cinsault grape the opportunity to do what it does best in our warm climate, namely to express its juicy fruit. Winemaker Johan Meyer coaxes just enough natural grape flavours from the juice to complement the underlying aromas of sea and earth, while ensuring a relatively low level of alcohol. Although the wine expresses an abundance of red berry flavours at a young age, the backbone consisting of expressive grape tannins and natural acid will over time develop the personality of the wine, with floral notes such as jasmine and fynbos coming to the fore as the wine matures.

The grapes were hand-picked at a low Balling from very flat-growing 38 year old bush vines on a slope facing South-West. Warm fermentation was allowed on skins and stalks, followed by warm maceration in tank. The wine was matured in tank as well as some older 300 litre French oak barrels for nine months.

Best savoured on its own, but when hunger strikes, enjoy with strawberry and salmon, or peppered watermelon salads.