Wine Specials
Vintage Platter
  La Couronne Chardonnay Unwooded unlabelled 2016* * * R65 R39
  Fort Simon Fortress Hill Merlot unlabelled R59 R45
  Fort Simon Fortress Hill Shiraz unlabelled R59 R45
  Simonsig Private Bin 4 Shiraz 2013 2013R89 R59
  Cloof Dusty Road Chenin Blanc R45 R29
  Villiersdorp Cellar Sauvignon Semillon 2016R39 R29
  Theuniskraal Bouquet Blanc 2016R49 R35
  Somerbosch Chenin Blanc 2016R55 R35
  O Connells Sauvignon Blanc 2016R55 R35
  Vondeling Signal Cannon Chenin Blanc 2015R55 R35
  Journeys End Bees Knees Chenin Blanc Viognier 2015 2015R79 R39
  Altydgedacht Tygerberg White Blend 2016R59 R39
  Louisvale Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2015R55 R39
  Theuniskraal Ixia Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2016R50 R39
  Theuniskraal Cape Riesling 2016R55 R39
  Flagstone Poetry Sauvignon Blanc 2016R55 R39
  Hoopenburg Bushvine Chenin Blanc 2016R59 R39
  Theuniskraal Semillon/Chardonnay 2015R55 R40
  Raka Sauvignon Blanc 2016 2016R70 R45
  The Fresh Man Sauvignon Blanc - By Rianie Strydom 2016R55 R45
  Neil Ellis Inglewood Chardonnay 2015R79 R45
  Ken Forrester Petit Chenin Blanc 2016* * *R59 R49
  Louisvale Unwooded Chardonnay 2015R75 R49
  Dabar Sauvignon Blanc 2015R95 R49
  Flagstone Word of Mouth Viognier 2013* * * *R90 R55
  Hidden Valley Sauvignon Blanc 2015* * * *R119 R59
  Zevenwacht Sauvignon Blanc 2016* * * * 1/2R95 R65
  Vrede en Lust Caseys Ridge Sauvignon Blanc 2015R79 R65
  Vrede en Lust Early Mist Riesling R79 R65
  Thelema Sutherland Sauvignon Blanc * * * * R89 R69
  Waterford Pecan Stream Chenin Blanc 2015* * *R80 R69
  Waterford Pecan Stream Sauvignon Blanc * * *R80 R69
  Lanzerac Sauvignon Blanc 2016* * * 1/2R105 R69
  Vrede en Lust White Mischief 2015R79 R69
  Sophie Te Blanche Sauvignon Blanc 2016R95 R69
  Remhoogte Chenin Blanc ****R79 R69
  Constantia Uitsig Sauvignon Blanc 2015* * * *R109 R75
  Cederberg Bukketraube 2016* * * 1/2R89 R75
  Cederberg Chenin Blanc 2016* * * *R89 R75
  Eikendal Janina Unwooded Chardonnay 2015R89 R75
  First Sighting Sauvignon Blanc * * * 1/2R95 R79
  Groote Post Sauvignon Blanc 2016* * * *R95 R79
  Secateurs Chenin Blanc by Adi Badenhorst 2016* * * *R89 R79
  Marklew Chardonnay 2014R115 R85
  La Vierge Original Sin Sauvignon Blanc 2016* * * *R105 R85
  Hilton Rose Quartz Viognier 2015R169 R89
  Steenberg Sauvignon Blanc 2016 2016R129 R95
  Boschkloof Chardonnay * * *R110 R99
  Riebeek Pieter Cruythoff Brut NVR69 R59
  Moreson Miss Molly Bottle Fermented NVR115 R105
  Kleine Zalze MCC Brut Non Vintage NV* * * * R120 R109
  Round House Cinsault Rose 2016R60 R29
  Theuniskraal Moscato Rose 2016R49 R35
  Bosman De Bos Walker Bay 47 Varietal Rose 2015R70 R39
  First Sighting Rose R69 R55
  Secateurs Rose by Adi Badenhorst 2016R79 R69
  Cloof Dusty Road Merlot 2015R49 R30
  Louisvale Stone Road Merlot 2014R49 R39
  O Connells Merlot 2016R65 R39
  Louisvale Stone Road Cabernet Sauvignon 2014R49 R39
  Theuniskraal Ixia Cabernet Sauvignon 2013R55 R40
  Theuniskraal Ixia Shiraz 2013R55 R40
  Hoopenburg Bushvine Merlot R73 R45
  Hoopenburg Bushvine Cabernet Sauvignon 2014R73 R45
  Hoopenburg Bushvine Shiraz 2014R73 R45
  Theuniskraal Prestige Red Blend 2013R60 R45
  Totus Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot 2015* * * 1/2R85 R49
  Neil Ellis Inglewood Cabernet Sauvignon 2014R79 R49
  Ken Forrester Petit Pinotage 2015* * * 1/2R59 R49
  Totus Cabernet Sauvignon 2015* * * R85 R49
  Flagstone Truth Tree Pinotage 2015R79 R55
  Eikendal Shiraz/Petit Verdot 2015R65 R55
  Raka Spliced 2014R70 R55
  Klein Steenberg Bordeaux Red 2013* * *R79 R59
  Glenelly Glass Collection Cabernet Sauvignon 2011* * * 1/2R89 R59
  Glenelly Glass Collection Merlot 2011* * * 1/2R89 R59
  Cloof The Very Sexy Shiraz 2014* * * *R79 R65
  Flagstone Dragon Tree Cape Blend 2014* * * *R95 R69
  Guardian Peak Frontier Cabernet Sauvignon 2014* * * 1/2R95 R69
  Thelema Mountain Red 2014* * * 1/2R85 R69
  Kaapzicht Bin 3 Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon 2013* * * 1/2R80 R69
  Asara Vineyard Collection Shiraz 2012* * * 1/2R120 R69
  Waterford Pecan Stream Pebble Hill 2013* * * 1/2R80 R69
  Capaia Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon 2014R105 R75
  Hoopenburg Integer Cabernet Sauvignon 2012* * * R120 R85
  Boschkloof Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot 2014* * * 1/2R95 R85
  Vrede en Lust Cotes De Savoye 2014R99 R85
  First Sighting Shiraz * * * 1/2R100 R85
  Louisvale Dominique Red Blend 2014* * * R99 R85
  Cederberg Merlot/Shiraz 2015R109 R89
  Vrede en Lust Lady J Syrah 2012R149 R89
  La Vierge Anthelia Shiraz 2013* * * 1/2R129 R99
  Ken Forrester Renegade 2012R130 R99
  Mischa Estate Shiraz 2013* * * 1/2R190 R99
  La Vierge Nymphomane Cab Sauv-Cab Franc-Malbec-Mer 2014R130 R99
  Remhoogte Estate Red Blend 2013* * * *R135 R105
  Capaia One 2009* * * *R170 R110
  Raka Biography Shiraz * * * * 1/2R149 R115
  Hermanuspietersfontein Kleinboet 2013* * * *R175 R129
  Hilton Ironstone Syrah 2013 2013* * * *R215 R129
  Iona One Man Band * * * *R225 R175
  Total R0.00
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