About Us

GETWINE is a South African Wine Portal which allows you to easily buy superb South African wine online and have it delivered to your door.

GETWINE is based in Cape Town and our team is friendly and highly knowledgeable about South African wine. We are committed to giving you the best service and endeavour to make your online experience a truly memorable one.Although we started out focussing on unlabelled wines, our focus shifted to selling both unlabelled and labelled wines from top wine farms at reduced prices.

Unlabelled South African wines came into the market after the Rand strengthened against foreign currencies a number of years ago. Many top wine estates could not export their annual wine harvests to European and American shores, resulting in a local surplus of high quality wine. Due to the weaker exchange rate over the last few years there is now lower stock of unlabelled wine, but Getwine is committed to giving customers the best possible prices, whether labelled or unlabelled.

Our Story

We originally sourced fine wines from top wine estates and sold them to friends via Van Riebeeck Wine Promotions e-mail marketing. After experiencing phenomenal growth over a 24-month period, we decided to establish GETWINE.CO.ZA, an e-commerce site, in May 2005 to make our unlabelled wines available to all South Africans. A few years later we also started selling labelled wines at reduced prices.

Apart from our unlabelled and labelled wines we also provide information on wineries, winemakers, and further information relating to South African wines.

Meet The Team

GETWINE is based in Cape Town and our team is friendly and highly knowledgeable about South African wine. We are committed to giving you the best service and endeavour to make your online experience a truly memorable one.

Johan Wegner

Johan Wegner heads the operation at GETWINE. He has been involved in the Wine and Liquor trade for the past twenty years. Johan is also a member of the Van Riebeeck Liquor Group which specializes in supplying liquor and wine to corporate businesses in and around Cape Town.

Ad Wegner

Ad Wegner finished his BA Law degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1996 and since then has been involved with the management of the Van Riebeeck Liquor Group. Ad is member of GETWINE and heads the financial department of both GETWINE and Van Riebeeck.

Karel Wegner

Karel finished his BCom degree at the University of the North West in Potchefstroom in 1986 and is a member of Van Riebeeck Liquor Group. He manages the well-known Van Riebeeck Liquor and Wine outlet in Claremont and is also a member of GETWINE. Karel is renowned for his broad knowledge of wine acquired over many years in the liquor and wine industries.

Louis Coetzee

Louis Coetzee has been working in the Van Riebeeck Liquor Group for the past eleven years. He manages Van Riebeeck Liquors in Cape Town and is the operational manager for GETWINE.

Alison Turrall

Alison has been in the liquor and wine industry for 34 years and she administers the Van Riebeeck e-mail correspondence, telephone queries, marketing and corporate orders. She loves the outdoors, is adventurous and a keen Stormers and England rugby supporter. She is also very involved with charity work to old people.

Rialene Groenewald

Rialene is a young and dynamic lady who administers all the Getwine-related e-mail correspondence, telephone queries and marketing. Apart from her exceptional wine knowledge she is passionate about the outdoors and always trying new wines.

Beverley Adendorff

Beverley joined Getwine’s Tele-Marketing Team in 2009. She’s worked in the wine industry for many years and has an extensive knowledge of wines. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors, quad biking, nature, walking and traveling. Direct contact number 082 535 9073

Susan de Swardt

Susan joined Getwine early in 2010 and assists with Tele-Sales, sourcing of more quality wines and the organizing of our quarterly wine sales. She’s been in the wine industry for more than 10 years, knows the industry well and has acquired a tasting palate. She enjoys gardening and especially likes watching tennis. Direct contact number 021 712 7704

Deidre Lombaard

Deidre is our accountant. She is adventurous, enjoy’s working with figures and loves dealing with people.

Joseph Muller

Joe designs personalised labels for the GetWine clients. He completed his Graphic Design studies in Cape Town and has been in the graphic design industry for more than 20 years. He is passionate about all forms of art.

Charmaine Arries

Charmaine handles and arranges all the applications of our ever growing Personalised Labels section.

Ricci Abrahams

Ricci is our dedicated GETWINE driver and has been with the group for eleven years.

Victor Mentor

Victor does local Western Cape deliveries to the Southern Suburbs. He is a keen cray-fish diver and enjoy’s making food dishes and watching comedy shows.

Marlon Rudolph

Marlon is a driver and has been involved in the wine industry since 2004. He is very keen on rugby and supports the Stormers. He likes the idea of pairing wine with food and is a keen chef at home.

Jeffrey Wogqoyi

Jeffrey is a driver and also helps looking after the warehouse.

Tyrone Bloem

Tyron is a driver and is a keen Liverpool supporter. He enjoys a good braai,likes Rugby and supports the Stormers.

Max Cishe

Max enjoys Gospel music and watching TV. He supports rugby and his favourite team is the Stormers and Springboks.

Winnie Keti

Winnie is in control of all Getwine’s shipping orders. He arranges for orders to be packed and way-billed correctly, and will assist with any courier queries. His favourite past-time is to play FIFA WC Soccer on his PlayStation. He is a keen soccer player and his favourite player is Osiphiwe Tshabalala from Kaizer Chiefs.

Nazeema Carlse

Nazeema keeps our premises tidy and is also our very important tea lady during the day… in the evening we prefer to drink wine! She enjoys cooking and a good braai.