Customer Feedback 2006

“ Hi, thank you very much for the excellent service!.”

– Lindy, Dec 2006

“ Die Vino is hier – Ek’s baie impressed met die labels. Baie dankie vir al jou hulp – ek’s seker my kliënte sal dit ook geniet. Cheers vir eers!.”

– Bartho, Dec 2006

“ Thankyou for your prompt and efficient service..”

– Terry, Dec 2006

“ Just to say thanks so much for the bottles and the labels : we think that they look stunning ! Of course, the wine is delicious as well ! In the new year, I think we should order the same lot but just change the label so that it merely says “with best wishes” under the word ATTORNEY – what do you think ? then we can give wine during the year to our clients !.”

– Helen, Dec 2006

“ Just a note to say Thank you very much for your efficient service and speedy delivery of our first order of wines. The labels look fantastic. and what a pleasant surprise to receive the chocolate, pen and fridge magnet. We will definitely do this again and also recommend you to all wine lovers..”

– Beryl, Dec 2006

“ Whew – that was quick! Same day delivery! Once again, my warm appreciation for the great service you guys provide to wine bibbers like myself..”

– Robin, Dec 2006

“ Hi there, I just recieved my first delivery from Thanks for the excellent service. I didn’t expect to receive my delivery after 2 days! I was impressed, when I got the sms confirming the delivery. Impressive! Keep it up. I will recommend you to whoever loves wine..”

– Jürgen, Nov 2006

“ WOW! Was that speedy service or what? I ordered a dozen bottles of wine from you online this morning and within an hour and a half they were delivered – along with an unexpected box of Lindt Chocolates, a pen and a fridge magnet! Well done for exceeding all expectations. Regards.”

– Graham, Nov 2006

“ Just a short note to say thank you for the excellent service. Also would like to say thanks for the way that you “fixed” our label, it looks great. All the best.”

– Kelvin, Nov 2006

“ I have been very impressed with your site and services to date – I look forward to many more visits and purchases. Regards.”

– Meryll, Nov 2006

“ Thanks so, so much for your efficient service. I have just received the wine and the wine labels look stunning! We are definitely going to look at doing this more often!.”

– Luana, Nov 2006

“ You guys are great! Thank you for the fantastic service, the prompt delivery, and the nice chocolate surprise. My personalsed labels are brilliant!! Many thanks.”

– Jono, Nov 2006

“ Hallo Johan, Ek’t pas weer 12 bottels wyn by julle bestel en wou maar net weer sê: Wow. Uitstekende diens. Julle mag maar! Groete.”

– Kotie, Nov 2006

“ Beste Johan, ek het eers 40 minute terug betaal en het alreeds die bokse wyn gekry – afgelewer by my kar met ‘n slab Lindt!! ek is soo geskok met die goeie diens!! Baie dankie … uitstekend!.”

– Lise, Nov 2006

“ Thanks for the impressive service. That was very quick :-)).”

– Pauline, Nov 2006

“ Hi, I just want to compliment your company on the excellent service. I received my order (literally within a few hours) AND the chocolate. Well what can I say??? I am impressed. The fridge sticker I gave to the receptionist (I don’t do magnets) and she was excited and needless to say the chocolates I kept. So you have pleased two ladies today. Good job. Many thanks Regards.”

– Tercia, Nov 2006

“ You people must have ” roving delivery vehicles ” ???? I already have my wine – Thank you Regards.”

– Mike, Nov 2006

“ Baie dankie vir die wyn, goeie diens!!!!!.”

– Jaco, Oct 2006

“ Thank you, I ordered yesterday and by the time I got home the Order was already delivered, That is SERVICE!.”

– André, Oct 2006

“ We had our Wedding on the 30th of September and I have attached one of the labels I designed for you to see, in compliment to the wine and in thanks for your efficiency when it comes to ordering. Regards.”

– Kerilyn, Oct 2006

“ Thanks for my delivery together with the Lindt chocolate which was a nice touch and most kind of you. Thanks for sticking the labels on my unlabelled wine order – the birthday girl was very thrilled and this is certainly going to be a talking point at the birthday party lunch with friends this Saturday!.”

– Catherine, Oct 2006

“ Ek het al met baie verskaffers gedeel in my lewe, maar julle diens is moontlik die beste wat ek ooit ondervind het. Wat praat ons hier van … “virtual warehousing” – te goed om waar te wees, julle gee my hoop vir die toekoms. Welgedaan, julle het ‘n fantastiese sisteem. Ek wens julle alle sukses toe vir die toekoms..”

– Lood, Oct 2006

“ Baie dankie vir die puik diens. Die wyn is baie lekker en, wat vir my die belangrikste is, goeie waarde vir geld. Dankie ook vir die sjokolade – dit was ‘n nice touch. Ek sal beslis weer van julle diens gebruik maak..”

– Johan, Sep 2006

“ Ek wil net baie, baie dankie sê vir die flinke diens en die spoedige aflewering van my bestelling. Ek moet sê dat ek hoogs beïndruk is en die sjokolade was ‘n aangename verrassing!!! Die wyn lyk ook sommer hoogs drinkbaar in hul houers en ek sal beslis weer van jul diens gebruik maak..”

– Niél, Sep 2006

“ Have to admit, I am totally blown over by the level of service that you guys offer!! In a country such as SA, when one gets really good service, it just makes such a change! Once again – muchly appreciated.”

– Anita, Sep 2006

“ Excellent service, good wine , good prices, what more can a man ask for?.”

– Brian, Sep 2006

“ Thanks for delivery! Thanks for SMS! Anyway, you’re very thorough and efficient there – much appreciated, especially since this is SOOOOOOOOOO unusual in Cape Town…and most of SA – sadly! (argue all you want!) I‘m impressed. Again! And thrilled to have more lovely wine – See you again.”

– Gwenn, Aug 2006

“ A huge thank you for the service and the wine :).”

– Nicola, Aug 2006

“ Dear Johan, no questions, just a compliment on an oustanding service – paid by 8 am, delivered to my office by about 1 pm the same day! Many thanks. Kind regards.”

– Brian, Aug 2006

“ I want to congratulate you on your level of service. I received my first order from GETWINE yesterday. I am really pleased to see this level of service in South Africa. Many thanks.”

– Cathy, Aug 2006

“ Hi Johan – ordered my first lot from you online this morning – delivered by 11am. AWESOME SERVICE!!! Well done and congrats on a great business – many Cape Town co’s can learn about service from you. My personal mantra: When you go the extra mile it’s amazing how little traffic there is on that road! My joke of the day: I’m on a strict wine diet – last month I lost 4 days! Salut!.”

– Pierre, Jul 2006

“ Wow – I am seriously impressed. Delivered 2.5 hours after ordering – that must be a record. Thanks for your amazing service. Cheers.”

– Robert, Jul 2006

“ Dam your guys services is amazing, Thanks a mill will definitely be ordering more in the future. Cheers Brad.”

– Brad, Jul 2006

“ Fantastic!! WOW What service! Thank you.”

– Lee-Anne, Jul 2006

“ Just to say I am VERY impressed – ordered after 9, and delivered before 11. Excellent service, and I will definitely recommend GETWINE amongst my friends. Thank you very much..”

– Gert, Jul 2006

“ I would just like to compliment you on your fabulous, quick delivery. I had heard your delivery was good, but didn’t realise I’d get my order the same day, let alone 1.5 hours after putting in my order! 🙂 Thank you for your great service..”

– Bronwyn, Jul 2006

“ Net ‘n dankie vir die hele Getwine span, great service wat ek gekry het ek sal julle verseker weer gebruik..”

– Nardo, Jul 2006

“ I have received my wine today and I must comment on your excellent and speedy service! Thank you very much!.”

– Odele, Jun 2006

“ Dear Johan, From me as satisfied customer, yes indeed, a happy birthday to you at Getwine!!!! Thanks for excellent services and good prices and may you be there for us for a very long time!!!!!!! Thanks for save delivery of my consignment and in particular, also the excellent chocolate for my wife!!!!!! Kind regards.”

– Danie, Jun 2006

“ Thank you once again for swift and satisfactory service!!.”

– Simoné, Jun 2006

“ My sincerest compliments on a Getwine order succesfully completed. As a first time user with Getwine I was excited to see what the service and delivery would be like. Regarding the net or mail order systems I am hardly ever pleasantly surprised. Blown Away! Is an understatment. I placed an order via email and 5 min later received a response and account details for transfer. In my head I was thinking the wine would arrive in a couple of days. Well an hour and a half later I had the wine on my desk with a complimentry slab of(My Favorite) Lindt chocolate. I am completely at a loss for words. What friendly and speedy service. Reminds me of a first world country! Well done to all that were involved in concluding the succesful transaction. Thank you for truly exceeding my expectations!.”

– Evan, Jun 2006

“ I am in the service industry and just wish to compliment you on your amazing level of service. I did not believe that you would be able to deliver my order so promptly. Not only did you keep your promise but your level of after-service was stunning. I look forward to my next order..”

– Steven, Jun 2006

“ Thank you for the incredible speed of service! Came out of my 2:30 meeting at 4 and there was my wine and choc’s – I am impressed. Told everybody in the office about it so the name Getwine is “up there” in our offices!.”

– Joe, Jun 2006

“ Thanks for your super fast turnaround time between receiving and delivering my order..”

– Terrance, May 2006

“ Brilliant as always – thanks!.”

– Sharon, May 2006

“ I don’t have any questions regarding your services, but would like to thank you for your awesome service and fast delivery, not to mention the surprise Lindor chocolate! This is the first time I’ve ordered from Getwine, and surely not the last! It’s great to know that there are still companies out there excelling in service. And, we will definitely enjoy the wine!.”

– Anria, May 2006

“ I would like to commend you on the excellent service that I have received from Getwine today. The promptness by which you delivered my wine was outstanding and I have to reiterate how impressed and happy I am. I look forward to storing (drinking) this wine over the next few months and will definitely be returning to your website to make more purchases in the very near future. Many thanks for one of the most pleasant shopping experiences I have had in a very long time..”

– Rowan, May 2006

“ I just want to say that since the first time I ordered from you I have been very impressed with your efficiency and customer service. Those last two words are virtually unknown in most of my dealings with other businesses. It makes a huge difference..”

– Amanda, Apr 2006

“ Thank you for quick and efficient service..”

– Max, Apr 2006

“ Thanks, Ordering was exiting, fun and reasonable. Delivery was very prompt. I will pass GETWINE on to more friends..”

– Chrisna, Apr 2006

“ Thank you very much for your extremely prompt service..”

– Amanda, Mar 2006

“ I just want to say that since the first time I ordered from you I have been very impressed with your efficiency and customer service. Those last two words are virtually unknown in most of my dealings with other businesses. It makes a huge difference..”

– Jason, Mar 2006

“ First time I bought from you guys and if this is the level of service I can expect from the internet – I will do it all the time. Well DONE !! Great service..”

– Paul, Mar 2006

“ Ek wil julle net gelukwens met julle fantastiese diens! Ek het nog skaars die wyn bestel en toe’s dit reeds afgelewer. Ek dink nie ek het al ooit so ‘n goeie ervaring met enige diensverskaffer gehad nie. Hou so aan!.”

– Kotie, Mar 2006

“ May I just say I’m impressed with your both your constant communication by email and your service. Well done. I’m going to let my readers know about your business..”

– Dominic, Mar 2006

“ I would like to congratulate you and your organisation on your professionalism and your excellent service delivery. I am so impressed – I have referred your services to my friends. Once again – well done!!.”

– Helét, Mar 2006

“ Thanks for the very quick wine delivery last week. And thanks for the chocolate and pen. Great service all round. Haven’t opened the wine as yet but sure it’s good. And the weather is becoming more conducive to red wine so it will be enjoyed. Thanks again..”

– Glenn, Mar 2006

“ The ordered wine was delivered safely yesterday morning. It is very rare these days to receive service of such high quality. In comparison to other ‘mail order’ service providers I have dealt with previously yours has shown the best ‘no fuss – get the job done’ attitude..”

– Dave, Mar 2006

“ Thank you so very much for my wine and the efficient service you offer. I am extremely impressed and will definitely tell everyone I know. It was so easy and honestly the best way I’ve ever bought wine. I usually find it such a hassel! Thank you for offering this service I will be making use of it in the near future. I have already enjoyed a bottle of saxenberg merlot which was fantastic!!.”

– Shelley, Mar 2006

“ Baie dankie vir julle superb diens!! ons beveel jul oral aan..”

– Simoné, Mar 2006

“ Thanx for the great deal. Thanx for the great wine. Thanx for the prompt delivery. Thanx for the follow up sms. Thanx for the chocolate..”

– Stewart, Mar 2006

“ Wine received and first bottle opened by 4pm! Your service is excellent and much appreciated..”

– Nigel, Mar 2006

“ I would like to commend you on your web site and the speed and efficiency with the way my transaction was handled from start to finish. It is seldom that one finds the service that one expects and GETWINE has made a lasting impression in my mind. I will definitely be visiting your web site frequently as well as purchasing more wine. To add to this, I will encourage all my friends and family to share in my experience and visit your site too..”

– Pieter, Mar 2006

“ Ek wil julle net graag komplimenteer op julle uitstekende diens! Dis min dat mens nog dit sien. Ek sal beslis in die toekoms weer van julle gebruik maak..”

– Carine, Mar 2006

“ Would like to say thank you for the brilliant service. Cant believe it was delivered so quickly! Will definitely order again..”

– Richard, Mar 2006

“ Great service and very impressed with delivery speed..”

– Tertius, Mar 2006

“ Thanks – have received my order 1511 – your service is impressive – I had hardly pressed the Enter key placing my order and my phone was ringing to say the delivery was already here – and with a welcome present too – Well Done – I’ll be back!!.”

– Trish, Mar 2006

“ I must admit I am very impressed with the service so far. I ordered the wine this morning and it was delivered before 10:30. I only got round to paying for it afterwards. I am guaranteed to be buying more from you. The choccie was a nice touch as well..”

– Shawn, Mar 2006

“ Thanks for the fantastically prompt delivery. Must be the fastest service in town. Hardly finished giving my card details and the goods were here. Great service – thank you..”

– Kevin, Mar 2006

“ What unbelievable service! I will certainly be ordering from you again!.”

– Tessa, Mar 2006

“ We only recently opened our boxes received from you during October and I would just like to thank you first of all for the extremely quick and uncomplicated ordering process – what a pleasure! Thank you also for the lovely gesture by including the chocolates! We have since introduced our neighbours to your website and they also ordered from you..”

– Nora, Mar 2006

“ I just want to say that I am very impressed with the prompt delivery of my order ! Thank you. My husband and I think your company’s service is awesome..”

– Catherine, Mar 2006

“ Just a note to thank you for the excellent service (the shipment came yesterday) and to say that, in my opinion, your website is one of the best interactive ones I have come across..”

– Michael, Mar 2006

“ Thank you – very efficient !!! A very slick service with really quality products. You may remember – we were not sure about the 2002 Sentinal Pinotage. We know the 2003 is tops but the 2001 is definitely not. Interestingly enough – at the Sentinal Estate they only offer the 2001 and 2003 – both at R60.00 !!!.”

– Robin, Mar 2006

“ Hi Johan, I just wanted to thank you for the excellent service on Friday. I ordered to cases from you on Friday at 3:30 expecting to have it delivered the next week. I arrived home at 5 with my wine waiting for me. This is service which is currently unheard of in SA. Keep up the excellent service and I will definately be a loyal customer for years to come..”

– Simon, Mar 2006

“ No questions. Just compliments. Thanks for a great wine selection at a completely reasonable price… and free, vinnig, delivery. What a pleasure! Have recommended you to numerous friends and colleagues..”

– Brett, Mar 2006

“ Yesterday I registered on your website and placed my first order for your unlabled wines. Your website was easy to use, your wine prices good and above all, your service was fantastic. I was taken aback when I received your sms to say that my delivery had been made but a quick phone call confirmed that indeed my wine had been delivered with in hours of my order being placed. It is fantastic to find such good service these days and I shall certainly be recomending and using your product in the future. We are quick to complain for the frequent bad service which we receive these days, but you are fully deserving of praise for your slick operation. Last night I sampled a bottle of Saxenburg Shiraz from my order, and to complement the good service, the wine was excellent. Good luck for the future and keep up your fine service..”

– Robert, Mar 2006

“ My colleagues at work are blown away by GETWINE. . . . . love the concept, great service and of course, good prices!.”

– Janie, Mar 2006

“ As usual, you guys are SPOT ON. I only got back to SA last night and my new wine is delivered TODAY!! Thanks a ton..”

– Andy, Mar 2006

“ I am so impressed I have just called my sister (who referred me GETWINE) and several friends to tell them as I am still laughing at the fact that my wine arrived at my door less than 2 hours after ordering. I was expecting 2 to 3 days. Please accept my greatest praise as to the efficiency of your service. I shall definitely be informing friends of your good service. .”

– Glyn, Mar 2006

“ Thanks very much for the pleasant delivery experience. I was phoned beforehand; I was phoned when the wine arrived; Thanks for the sticker + fridge magnet; Double thanks for the yummy chocolate. .”

– Gail, Mar 2006

“ johan, die wyn was binne 2 uur hier.. dit is awesome.. hierdie is die beste service wat ek nog gekry het..”

– Jacques, Mar 2006

“ Thanks!! This was very very speedy and impressive..”

– Bruce, Mar 2006

“ Net ‘n vinnige email om dankie te se – ek het Maandag wyn bestel en dit het reeds vanmore hier aangekom. Dit was minder as 48 urr – wow – ek is beindruk en sal inderdaad meer gereeld van julle aanbiedinge gebruik maak..”

– Louis, Mar 2006

“ I ordered online Saturday night and you delivered on Monday. We tried the unlabelled Chardonnay and are truly shocked that the wine is really nice. We were a bit worried as the price was such a bargain. I will recommend you to all my friends and would like to let you know that we really appreciate the fast, great service, the great wine at a fantastic price and last but not least the gift of lovely chocolate. Wishing you lots of success..”

– Melanie, Mar 2006

“ In all my years of drinking red wine, amongst buying other things, I have yet to find a service AS FAST, PROFESSIONAL, AND SPOT ON LIKE YOURS ( my order placed this morning). The wine arrived MOMEMENTS after I transferred the money..”

– Andy, Mar 2006

“ I am so impressed with GetWine. It was my first order & I’m amazed by the excellent service as well as the Internet friendly site. Well done – I’ll recommend everyone I know! I’m generally full of nonsense and think that Internet shopping in South Africa is shocking in terms of service, but you & Getwine is certainly in a different league. Fantastic!.”

– Helga, Mar 2006

“ Brilliant value. Bought a case on Thursday, bought 3 more today. Keep it up!.”

– Dean, Mar 2006

“ All received, thanks for the prompt service! Will definitely be using you guys lots more in the future!.”

– Bronwyn, Mar 2006

“ I am truly amazed at your service. It is indeed difficult to believe that this can happen in South Africa. Thank you so much for the chocolate – i will surely be a regular customer and will spread the word about your wonderful service..”

– Leah, Mar 2006

“ Wow Johan! That was the fastest delivery I have ever received – thank you very much..”

– Rein, Mar 2006

“ Awesome service, … I placed my order 16h10 and the wines were delivered to our offices at 17h10 on the same day – thanks!.”

– Robert, Mar 2006

“ I was mightily impressed, no bowled over, by the efficient, super-slick way your operation is running. I received your marketing e-mail, placed my order and from then on was informed of the progress each step along the way – quickly and without me having to prompt. The best was when I was told on the Friday that Sun Couriers would deliver within 3 days and guess what was waiting for me when I arrived home that very afternoon???.”

– Penny, Mar 2006

“ You guys are GREAT!!! Keep it up and all my friends will support you – Thanks!.”

– Johan, Mar 2006

“ We received our second batch already – it is a super wine and the delivery punctual and great service . Thanks!.”

– Elizabeth, Mar 2006

“ Thank you so much!! I got home from work to find that the wine I had ordered THIS MORNING via your website had already been delivered to my neighbour earlier today…You really don’t know how important it is to me to receive such excellent service as it happens so seldom!! I thought you should know what a fabulous service you have provided. Keep up the brilliant work! Truly makes a huge impact on me and I will be passing on the word….”

– Mandy, Mar 2006

“ GetWine is an excellent source of affordable wines for people in South Africa. Amazingly fast delivery, under the usual price, no queues, no problems and the people who run it are always available. GetWine for me has become GotWine!!!.”

– Jess, Mar 2006

“ Congratulations on a very user-friendly and beautiful website! I want to thank GETWINE for the excellent service I received – my wine was delivered promptly and with a smile. It was a real pleasure doing business!.”

– Maxine, Mar 2006

“ I just want to say – thank you! I placed an order around 10am this morning and at 4.15pm it arrived! Fantastic service!.”

– Louise, Mar 2006

“ Thanks a million for the delivery and the super chocolates!! You are stars!.”

– Fran, Mar 2006

“ Ek wil julle graag gelukwens met ‘n pragtige webblad ontwerp! My wyne is vanoggend net na 8uur bestel en vanmiddag toe ek na ete terug arriveer by die kantoor toe staan my wyne alreeds daar – baie dankie dit is skitterende diens!.”

– Anton, Mar 2006

“ Johan, Baie geluk met hierdie webwerf en die hele storie daaragter. Werklik professioneel en goed gedoen. Ek hoop dit werk uitstekend vir julle. Groetnis.”

– Christo, Mar 2006

“ Dear Get wine I would like to commend you on a excellent service. I am so happy with my order and the short time it took to be delivered. This is a wonderful gift idea. The easy to use website made ordering a breeze, and i have recommended you to many of my friends. Thank you and best wishes..”

– Ashleigh, Jan 2006

“ I would like to THANK YOU for your brilliant service and customer relations. I am very impressed and will definitely be making my monthly purchases. I was pleasantly surprised to receive our gift of the stunning imported chocolate and gift, it left me with a warm and fuzzy feeling. NICE!.”

– Melissa, Jan 2006

“ I think your website is nice and very easy to use. Service delivery very good, keep up the good work.”

– Sandra, Jan 2006

“ Wow! Thank you so much for the very impressive service! I love the rose touch.have never tried their produced before and think I found a new love!their nougat is amazing! Keep up the good work. thank you!.”

– Lindi, Jan 2006