Customer Feedback 2014

“ Thanks again for the excellent service. Ordered yesterday, delivered today – Ricky drove into my work’s parking garage, when I got to my car, he had parked next door, offloaded and done! Well thought out and user-friendly website, easy to order, good value, efficient service and friendly staff – a very rare experience nowadays.”

– Gordon, Nov 2014

“ Thank you very much, Our wines have arrived in good condition and on time. I would really like to thank you and your colleagues for an outstanding service that I have received from you. From the time that I placed an order to when I received the goods was just as promised and the communication was excellent. Keep up the good work, you now have a regular customer.”

– Matome, Nov 2014

“ Thank you so much for the delivery of the wine and my delicious chocolate! The pen and magnet are very cool too. Will always use your company from now on as you guys give impeccable service!! I will tell everyone I know about you too.”

– Vivienne, Nov 2014

“ No company that I am aware of gets within a mile of Getwine when it comes to great service and value for money. I attended the Wine Tasting Evening in Pretoria and it was a lot of fun. I am very doubtful if I will buy wine from anywhere else anytime soon. Please keep up the good work!.”

– Jacques, Oct 2014

“ Once again I cannot fault the impeccable service I have received from all of you.And to top it all, yet again superb wine and thank you for the help with the labels.They are perfect. Always a pleasure to deal with you guys..”

– Angie, Oct 2014

“ I had absolutely no problems but fantastic service!! Thank you so very much. I was particularly impressed with how your team went out of there was to ensure that my delivery arrived a little earlier!! Thank you again!.”

– Raine, Oct 2014

“ I received my wine and label order today. I just wanted to thank you for the excellent, fast service. The whole experience (from designing the label, to ordering, to paying and receiving my order) was such a pleasant experience. That’s not even mentioning the very affordable costs and the excellent end-result! I will most certainly make use of your services in the future and I will be telling everyone about you! Thank you so much!!!.”

– Elzaan, Oct 2014

“ Thank you so much for the great service, rapid delivery and great wine! Exceeding customers’ expectations 150%..”

– Mary-Ann, Oct 2014

“ We would just like to say THANK YOU for your EXCELLENT service. We received our wine yesterday (it will be used for our wedding towards the end of October). We are very impressed with your turnaround time and the professional service that we have received. We will definitely be ordering wine from you again (although only after the wedding – when we have money again!) Keep up the great service!.”

– Marc, Sep 2014

“ Thank for delivering the wine order I placed. The levels of customer service I received was better than I have received from any company for a long time. I will be sure to make use of your company going forward and have already recommended you to some friends..”

– Trevor, Aug 2014

“ Always love the wines always love the way my labels come out – just love your company and will tell all my friends. Thanks once again Johan you never ever let me down!.”

– Sharon, Aug 2014

“ We’re often so quick to complain about bad service and keep quiet when we experience the opposite, but I would like to pay a huge compliment to you and your team for the service we enjoyed. This was the first time my wife and I have ordered from yourselves, and it will definitely not be the last. Ease of ordering, feedback on progress of the order,a very impressive turnaround time to getting the wine delivered, capped off by the fact that one or two of the wines we have tried already have been great, have ensured we will be getting in touch with you again very soon.And telling as many friends as possible about our experience as well! I’m looking forward to our next order..”

– Brent, Aug 2014

“ Thank you is too small a word to show my gratitude. Firstly, my questions whilst still busy with my order were promptly answered and my emails immediately. Your friendly staff helped me have peace of mind and showed me what the order would look like. Then I couldn’t believe how fast the order were delivered. Your team said within five to seven working days. Within four days early in the morning, my order was delivered. What a wonderful surprise to open the boxes. My Mom was in tears when she saw how beautiful it looked. And you added some gifts for us, thanks so much. Overall it was a very positive experience. Thank you Johan and your great team. We will gladly recommend you..”

– Erica, Jul 2014

“ Service was marvellous and an absolute pleasure to deal with you. As life would have it I ordered from another company online. Needless to say I will not be dealing with them again. You are very professional and I loved the personal touch and attention that you gave me. Keeping me up to date all the time was awesome..”

– Yolanda, Jul 2014

“ Thanks for everyone involved! Our team is very excited about the gift, as it’s a very important birthday!!! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING IT SPECIAL! ☺.”

– Natasja, Jul 2014

“ There was, as usual, no problem with the order. I received the goods in perfect order on the 10th (could not believe it was so soon). The Getwine team must be the “inter galaxy” service and efficiency champions! You deserve to drink a toast to yourselves..”

– Johan, Jul 2014

“ I am very happy with the level of service and delivery received and although I would like to keep it my secret, will definitely recommend Getwine to all my wine-loving friends and acquaintances’!.”

– Robyn, Jul 2014

“ Just a Thank You note for the Amazing service I received from Get Wine. My fine wines were delivered by yesterday afternoon Unbelievable service..”

– Amelia, Jul 2014

“ Baie, baie dankie aan julle almal wat my man en kleinkind se stickers gemaak het. Wonderlike diens. Julle is almal great. Baie,baie dankie..”

– Ronell, Jul 2014

“ We are extremely happy with our Port, the labelling and of course the speedy delivery. We really appreciate your great service and all your efforts. You always exceed our expectations and we thank you for that..”

– Leandri, Jul 2014

“ Thanks for great service and great wine. You guys are doing a great job!.”

– Hennie, Jul 2014

“ You guys are always fantastic!! I get my wine delivered with 2-3 days so I am a happy camper. Thank you for a job well done, and please continue the good service.”

– Rue, Jun 2014

“ I would like to thank you for your excellent service and speedy delivery. I was most impressed with GETWINE and I will be sure to order from you again in the near future!.”

– Jaclyn, Jun 2014

“ I just want to thank you for my order. The labels were printed correctly and look amazing!! I was so excited – these were father’s day gifts but I gave them out last night already as I could not wait any longer! My husband and dad love their personalised wine! Many thanks for the great service from all – especially Mirrie for her assistance and patience. Will order from you again soon!.”

– Clarisse, Jun 2014

“ No questions, simply admiration and thanks for the efficient service – the GETWINE recommendation I received years ago has proved the best tip I have ever been given..”

– André, Jun 2014

“ Service so far has been excellent. Will certainly be ordering more wine and labels. Extremely happy!! Thank you so much!!.”

– Kirsten, May 2014

“ You give the most amazing service I have ever experienced. I ordered my wine this morning at 8am and it was delivered by 11am – Amazing!!.”

– Gladys, May 2014

“ My goodness, your service is outstanding!!! I ordered wine from you for the first time. I placed my order online this morning and my wine has already arrived. I am very impressed. Thank you for the Lindt chocolate, it is my favourite..”

– Karen, May 2014

“ Very efficient service thank you! Will definitely order from you again and spread the word!! Keep those awesome prices too!!!.”

– Lyndsay, May 2014

“ I just want to let you know your service is outstanding and a friendly delivery driver. I will definitely be ordering again very soon..”

– Lindsey, May 2014

“ wow! you guys are the best! I received my order today in JHB, personalized just the way I want it. I’m a first time costumer and believe me this is not my last order. your service is super good, and I enjoyed the bribe I got when I opened the box #wink# once more thank you GETWINE..”

– Zwivhuya, May 2014

“ This is my second order to date and once again I am mightily impressed with your level of service. 3 working days for delivery is exceptional.”

– Brent, May 2014

“ I just want to thank you guys for great service. Thanks for the little gits, they highly appreciated..”

– Mercial, May 2014

“ The order was perfect and the courier chap very helpful with carrying the boxes up for me..”

– Judy, May 2014

“ We are so impressed with your company and its efficiency – in fact I suggested to the person who delivered the wine this afternoon that if you ever go into politics I would be certain to vote for you – on your efficiency alone!!!.”

– Frances, May 2014

“ Best service EVER! Can not believe you delivered same day I ordered. Will definitely place my next order soon..”

– Marina, Apr 2014

“ Excellent service as usual, thanks guys!.”

– Jaco, Apr 2014

“ Thank you for you excellent service in all areas (ordering, custom designing labels and delivery). I will definitely be using your services again..”

– Arlene, Apr 2014

“ I would just like to thank you for your impeccable service. So often we are quick to dismiss the service delivery we get in South Africa, however your company and delivery service have done an outstanding job, truly impressed. Keep up the great work, I will definitely be ordering through you again..”

– Robyn, Apr 2014

“ Everything was perfect thank you. We even got our delivery in just two days!.”

– Marcelle, Apr 2014

“ Service was great thank you!! was really impressed that delivery was done on a Monday as I requested delivery to please be done on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday..”

– Bonita, Apr 2014

“ This was my first order I ever placed with you and I was very impressed. The service was very quick and efficient. I will definitely use it again..”

– John, Apr 2014

“ I just want to thank you and your team for the efficient manner in which the entire process was managed. I still can’t believe that I received my order in less than 5 days since I placed the order and it included the weekend. I look forward to doing business with you in the future and attending more wine tasting events like the one you organised in PE last week, great job..”

– Lynn, Apr 2014

“ I would just like to say thank you so much for your incredible service as usual. Everything was absolutely perfect and we cannot wait to use the order this coming weekend to celebrate my daughter’s 4thBirthday Party! Wish I had taken a picture of the excitement on her face when she saw the personalised Ariel wine labels you made for our order – THANK YOU!.”

– Melissa, Mar 2014

“ I was very impressed with your wine offering. Nice convenient and friendly wine tasting, none of the usual ceremony! Good efficient delivery system and really great prices! Keep it up, you have secured my wine business in future.”

– Marco, Feb 2014

“ Outstanding customer service, thank you! No complaints. The truth is: Great service is a choice and it comes from the heart.”

– Karin, Feb 2014

“ I would really like to thank Getwine for making my sister’s birthday very special. The wine and labels were fantastic and the wine was delivered before time. I was especially grateful for the change to the labels to ensure that labels matched the wine – that exceeded my expectations. I will definitely recommend Getwine to friends/ colleagues and I know the dinner guests at my sisters party were very impressed..”

– Paula, Feb 2014

“ Ek wil egter baie dankie sê vir die flinke diens, my 3 kiste Scali het my gistermiddag (Maandag) bereik, nadat ek dit die vorige Dinsdag bestel het. Daarmee is ek heel tevrede, dankie..”

– Fransjohan, Feb 2014

“ Either you guys are having a slow day or you have surpassed yourselves. I ordered some wine at about lunch time and it was delivered at 3.30pm!!Well done on a great service..”

– Dr, Jan 2014

“ This was my first order since my buddy told me how easy it is – it worked just as she said – thanks a lot I am super impressed and will be enjoying a glass of my wine tonight..”

– Leticia, Jan 2014

“ WOW!!! Now that’s what I call SERVICE. Ordered, paid & delivered within 3 hours. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!! Well Done GETWINE Staff.”

– Martin, Jan 2014

“ Know this is a bit late but wanted to thank you, none the less, for your outstanding service!! The speed with which you processed my order, your prompt delivery and your updates along the way (and the fact that the wine is fantastic)!! I was, quite frankly, astounded when having placed my order form overseas, sending an inquiry and having payment processed, to have have my sister message me on the same day thanking me for the wine. Superb!!.”

– Hugo, Jan 2014

“ I have just received my order and wanted to let you all know how very pleased I am with the personalized label you had put on my wine bottles, it looks even better that I imagined. You will definitely hear from me again.”

– Beata, Jan 2014