Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts

I finally took home the box of wines that we got through GetWine. I was getting odd looks for having a case of wine on my desk at work. Although, some days, I think that that’s not a bad thing.



Once I got the box home, I opened it (of course) and admire how pretty they looked. All lined up.



I took the bottles out to have a look-see and remind myself what we bought and why…



What’s this? No label? Oh that’s right! GetWine sells a lot of unlabeled wines for very good prices. So, sometimes, when you receive your wine, it’ll look like this. The foil around the cork will usually have the vineyard on it, and there’s a little sticker with the variety (shiraz etc), and the year, but that’s it.




Insulation tape and a permanent marker (or Magic Marker for those of us who grew up in Zimbabwe!) results in…



Although sometimes, the little sticker is a bit more informative…



Oh and by the way, GetWine have NO idea who I am, other than that-person-who-ordered-wine-from-us-last-week. This was written because I had my phone out and I needed to label the wines…! Can’t wait for an excuse to have something special from our ‘custom labelled’ wines! Maybe we’ll take some camping…

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