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Vrede en Lust Red Lady Merlot 2022

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On the palate, this Merlot offers a smooth and velvety texture that glides effortlessly across the tongue. Ripe red fruit flavours dominate, with succulent cherries and ripe raspberries providing a burst of juicy sweetness Bright red cherries and berries dance on the palate, accompanied by a hint of plum and a touch of spice that adds a subtle layer of complexity. Overall, this easy- drinking young Merlot is crafted to be enjoyed in its youth, offering a delightful balance of fruitiness and approachability. Its vibrant red fruit flavours, velvety texture, and smooth finish make it an excellent choice for casual occasions or as a versatile companion to a variety of dishes. Experience the pleasure of this youthful Merlot as it effortlessly charms the palate with its easy-drinking nature and lively character.


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