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Mischa La Famille Cabernet Sauvignon 2022

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Intense aromas of dark fruit such as mulberry, blackberry and blueberries grabs the attention of the drinker when smooth aromas of vanilla, oak and Christmas cake make the drinker close their eyes and exhale in pure aroma pleasure. Soft flavours of plums and mulberries tickle the taste buds as smooth mature tannins dances over the mid palate. The flavours of this wine evolve from dark fruit to a rich and fulfilling finish with oak and blackberry jam lingering long after the wine has been swallowed. Absolute enjoyment is the only way to describe each sip of this wine.

Lamb roast with accompanying veggies is an absolute winner with this wine. Pairing grilled steak and chicken dishes with this wine will also have your mouth watering.


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